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Global-Pak Newsletter January 2018

We celebrate the life of our beloved co-worker, and friend, John Smith, who was a dedicated husband, father, friend and Global-Pak employee. Read more

Temperature of Bulk Bags from Global-Pak Newsletter September 2017

by Global Pak
Discover the max temperature of bulk bags, benefits of using a Roll Off Container Liner and more. Check out our September newsletter. Read more

Safe Working Load from Global-Pak Newsletter June 2017

by Global Pak
Do you understand what the 5 to 1 Safe Working Load refers to when using bulk bags? We have simplified what this means and more in our recent newsletter released in June. We hope you take a minute to review. Read more

Global-Pak Newsletter April 2017

How much does a bulk bag or FIBC cost? What is the price of a bulk bag or FIBC? How can you obtain pricing for the same bag specification from multiple suppliers and the pricing be so far apart? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our newsletter. Read more

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