Global-Pak Is Keeping It Green

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Global-Pak Is Keeping It Green

by Lindsey Jeffreys

In our packaging industry where so many products are recyclable, it’s important to be aware of how improper disposal can impact the environment. Global-Pak strives to reduce waste and recycle or reuse as much as possible. Our warehouse has tons of various plastic and cardboard products delivered on a monthly basis, and any excess or damaged goods need to be disposed of properly. Our team, led by Warehouse Manager, Chelsi Mann, has taken initiative to make sure all these products are sent to a recycling company. Here’s how our warehouse keeps green:

  • Liner cores are reused as support in liner boxes and sent to partners that re-use them at their businesses
  • Plastic material (packing material, damaged liners or bulk bags, etc.) is bailed up and sent to a recycling company
  • Cardboard, chipboard, kraft paper, and other cardboard items are bailed and sent to a recycler in the area, or are sent to one of our vendors who recycles them
  • Steel banding from liner packages are also saved and recycled

Not only are we recycling unused bulk products, but we encourage employees to be eco-friendly in the office as well. We’re no longer purchasing Styrofoam cups and plastic silverware for the office, and instead request everyone use coffee mugs and refillable water bottles. We also initiated a recycling program within our office, where cans, bottles, food packaging, and more are taken to our local recycling facility.

Making eco-friendly decisions is good for the environment, and it reduces wasted dollars by allowing us to reuse certain products. That helps us to pass savings onto our customers as well. We believe it’s important to keep the planet green and cut as much waste as possible, so we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and aim to continue making environmentally beneficial choices.

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