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How to Excel at Customer Service

by Robert Duncan
From my experience, the key to excelling at Customer Service is to provide timely responses to the customers questions and needs. Responding quickly shows the customer that we care about their needs, and it helps relieve some of the stress of their day. Our team strives to offer our customers the best pricing, along with timely responses that add value that our customers recognize and appreciate. We want our customers to think of us as partners, instead of just a place to buy supplies.

Here’s one of my customer interactions from a recent Friday morning as an example: 
  • 9:22 AM: I received a pricing request from one of our customers for a product the customer had not used in over two years and we did not have it in stock.
    • Due to the unique abilities of our software program, I was easily able to find the product information and request updated pricing from our manufacturing facility.
  • 9:37 AM: I provided a current price quote back to our customer.
  • 9:53 AM: I received response back from our customer with a purchase order and a thank you for a quick response.
  • 10:04 AM: I sent our official order acknowledgement to our customer thanking them for their order.
From the time of the request, it took 42 minutes for us to give our customer an order confirmation. Timely responses like these are something we take pride in and want to provide for all our customers. In some instances, it takes a little longer to get a quote back to the customer due to the unique items we sell, but prompt replies will negate most of these issues. Quick responses also ensure the customer that we take their requests seriously. Our customers are the foundation of Global-Pak, and its our guarantee to deliver excellent customer service by being responsive to all requests.

Customer Service Representative

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