What's It Like Working for Global-Pak?

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What's It Like Working for Global-Pak?

by Jacquelyn Butler
What is it like to work for Global-Pak? Refreshing!  

In a time where I hear about large companies treating their employees as just a number, it is refreshing to work for a company that remembers what is important. When you work at Global-Pak you realize that you now have an extended family, inclusive of a guiding father, annoying brother and caring sister. The type of people who care how you are doing and will laugh with you when you need it. If you are going through a tough time, it will get noticed and help will be offered.

This family mentality makes it easy to care for our customers with the same kindness. We operate under the principle of “treat others as you want to be treated.” We always try to envision what we would want if we were in our customers shoes, which helps guide us in all that we do. Our team strives to provide excellent service to our customers because we understand that without our customers, we are not needed.

Global-Pak has also encouraged us to help our community in any way possible. We donate whenever we can and have put together community service projects that we participate in together. This helps bring us closer as a team and provides the community the help that it requires. It reminds everyone that life is about more than serving yourself interests. In a world where it can be very easy to just think about yourself, we are encouraged to see the bigger picture.

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