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Articles written by
Lindsey Jeffreys

Where to Buy Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags should be purchased from a reliable team with experience in bulk packaging. Purchasing from a reputable vendor, especially one with in-house testing, can help ensure your bulk bags are high quality and safe. Ideally, you want a vendor with buying power as well, to improve pricing, but with strong customer service to answer your questions and solve problems quickly.

What are Reusable Bulk Bags?

Reusable bulk bags are known within the packaging industry as “Multi-Trip Bulk Bags.” In order for a bulk bag to be reusable, it must be certified as a Multi-Trip bulk bag and rated with a 6:1 Safety Factor. A standard bulk bag is for one time use only and has a 5:1 Safety Factor. All bulk bag designs are tested on a top-life test machine and are certified to determine if they pass as single or multi-use. If a bag is rated as a Multi-Use, it should clearly state “Multi-Use” and “6:1 Safety Factor” on the bag tag, in addition to a section that allows for a clear notation of how many times the bag has been used.

How Bulk Bags are Manufactured

These are the steps on how a bulk bag is manufactured from extrusion to a completed pallet of bags, ready to ship to a customer.

What to Do if a Bulk Bag Fails?

Global-Pak quality assures all bags upon delivery; however, bags can fail for many reasons. If you run into a bag failure issue, we want to ensure we are doing everything possible to determine the source and find a solution to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We work with customers across multiple industries, so there are various issues that can occur based on what material is being used, how the bag is handled, or how the bag is being stored. If you find yourself having bag issues, these are the best steps to follow so we can find a solution quickly and efficiently:

Ventilated Tote Bags

Ventilated Tote Bags are ideal for agricultural applications such as potato or onion storage and transport. The vents allow for added breathability and help eliminate the risk of moisture.


Sift proof seams can help provide barriers to prevent product from escaping the bulk bags. It's important to choose which bulk bag seams are right for your FIBC.


How do you get the most accurate quote for your custom bulk bags when asking vendors for pricing? Lindsey Jeffreys is giving you the inside details.


August 6, 2019 by Lindsey Jeffreys Global-Pak strives to an eco-friendly bulk packaging company, so we recycle any excess or damage bulk bags, roll-off liners, and more.