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Global-Pak is pleased to announce a new recycling program! We are working with PureCycle in Ironton, Ohio, and at their future purification facility in Augusta, Georgia, to recycle . PureCycle​ Technologies is a new recycling company that uses a solvent-based purification technology to transform polypropylene waste into an ultra-pure resin that can be continuously recycled and reused. One of the products they are most interested in procuring is used bulk bags.


To help our customers meet their environmental and sustainability goals, Global-Pak will become a collection hub for used bulk bags. Our Lisbon, OH facility will have a collection point and baling equipment for our bulk bag customers within our delivery area. If customers are out of our area and would like to participate, or in the event customers have full truckloads of baled bulk bags, we can help all Global-Pak customers get in touch with a PureCycle collection center near them. 


The program will evolve and change as we begin to handle product and learn what works and what doesn’t, so please stay tuned for updates. Below is brief outline of how we envision the program to work:


  • Bulk bags with clean Material Safety Data Sheets will have to be tested and approved by PureCycle.
  • No cement products will be accepted as the cement residue sets and clogs the wash out lines.
  • Baled bags with bailing wire are preferred, with target weights of 1000 pound bales to minimize the amount of trucking and fuel needed to transport the used bulk bags.
  • Once approved, less than truck load quantities of baled bulk bags in the Global-Pak delivery area will be picked up by a Global-Pak truck and returned to our Lisbon, OH headquarters, and consolidated into full truck loads to be transported to PureCycle.  
  • If outside of the Global-Pak delivery area, we can help customers get the product to a PureCycle collection point. For full truckloads of product, we can facilitate shipments directly to PureCycle.
  • When working through Global-Pak, we can log weights of baled bags and save them to your customer records so you can track weights for any environmental or sustainability programs you may be participating in.


Supporting Global-Pak customers’ environmental and sustainability programs is important to us and will be an essential part of being a responsible FIBC supplier moving forward. We look forward to being your partner and supplier of bulk bags for years to come.


“FIBC bags are fully recyclable and can be steered into a more circular path. At PureCycle we are bringing to the market a disruptive recycling technology that can change the current linear path into a circular path for Polypropylene rich materials,” - R. Rau (Sr. Technical Director of Global Feedstock)

For more information on PureCycle and its technology please follow this link: