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Global-Pak is capable of supplying bulk bags with short lead times, and we can offer managed inventory programs through our SQF warehouse facilities to fit your quality and delivery needs. Some of our key offerings are below: 

  • We are now offering lead times to the Port of New York in 7-8 weeks for full container orders. 
  • Contamination Free Bag Designs are available and minimize risk of contamination from the manufacturing packaging processes. 
  • Global-Pak’s In-House UN Testing gives you peace of mind because your bags have been fully tested and will perform in the field. We will not put our Test House Number on a design that has not successfully passed our rigorous testing. 
  • Our expertise allows us to find solutions for complex applications that allow us to improve your Bulk Bags with net baffles, difficult sift proof challenges, stability and stacking concerns. 
  • Specialty liners, baffle liners, antistatic liners, foil liners, specialty barrier liners are available in customizable sizes and builds. 
  • Our In-House testing facility separates us from other FIBC suppliers because it lets us rigorously test your FIBCs, and includes the following: top lift test, tensile test, UVI test, drop test, topple test, and stack test. 

We take a lot of pride in our quality systems, processes, and audits of our vendors to assure what you put in a bag that is supplied by Global-Pak is world class. The Global-Pak name will not go on a bag that we do not back 100%. We have an open invitation to visit and audit our facility and see the difference firsthand. If you would like to visit or have any questions on our current offerings, please contact your sales rep.