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No matter what type of packaging you buy, if you are working with Global-Pak for the first time or are gettting a new item quoted, we typically ask for a sample. Samples are very important for both the customer and for us as well, even if specification sheets have been provided and here is why:


  • Specs don’t always tell us the full story. Unfortunately, specifications typically leave out a few important details and those details could cause the pricing to be off by a sizable amount. It could also cost everyone involved valuable time in getting you what you need. For instance, your spec may say, “Sift-Proof Seams”. That sounds simple enough, but since there are multiple ways to sift-proof a bag (depending on your product and the manufacturer’s processes), and multiple levels of sift-proofing, not only could the pricing be off but when we go to make you a sample or an order, you could end up with your product leaking out of the bags. Another example would be if your bag calls for a conical spout or even a remote release discharge. Without the specific dimensions and details, it is virtually impossible for us to quote you something that is truly the same.  
  • Specs are often written by a bulk bag company and adopted by the customer. There is nothing wrong with this, as it happens all the time. The issue is that our industry terms are not always standardized. Our competition might refer to something important on the bag with a term that they created and is not used by anyone else. While it makes sense to them, the rest of us are left wondering what they are talking about. Sometimes we can figure it out from experience, but that doesn’t always work. 
  • A sample and hopefully a visit to your plant to see your process, allows our well-trained sales reps to offer improvements. These improvements could be to the construction of the bag, or even to change the configuration of the bag to make it more efficient or even more cost effective for you. When we visit your facility, our sales reps are trained to ask the operators what they like and dislike about their current bags. We will also ask questions about your filling process and machinery to find out what the challenges are. Once we see your current package and your filling process, we can better offer ways to improve your bags. 


In summary, having a sample and visiting your facility should answer any questions that we may have about your current packaging and processes, and will allow us to quote you a true apples-to-apples bag. It may even open the door for us to suggest configuration / construction changes to improve your processes and costs. To get the most accurate quote and pricing for your bag, get in touch with us or ask your rep for a site visit to ensure you have the most efficient product for your application.