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Bulk Bag Storage & Inventory Management

Bulk Bag Storage

We can manage the smallest and the largest inventory programs bringing huge benefits to our customers.

global-pak warehouseWhether your usage calls for one pallet of FIBC's per month or 20,000 FIBC's per month, a partnership with Global-Pak will make shipping and receiving product easier on you and your customers. 

We bring in large quantities of bulk bags each month and store hundreds of thousands of bags in our own warehouses, giving us flexibility to tailor a custom inventory management solution for you. Our customers can keep their inventories at a minimum and maintain a strong cash flow because we eliminate the worry of long lead times and running short on bags.


We sit down with each of our customers and perform a thorough review of their bulk bag use and develop a plan that keeps them in constant supply of FIBCs without building up excess inventories. Our team assures your peace of mind, knowing that we will take care of your packaging inventory without worry. 

Please, feel free to contact us and let a Global-Pak rep put together a plan for your inventory management and put Global-Pak to work for you!

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