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Roll-Off Liner Inventory Management

Roll-Off Liner Inventory Management

We can manage the smallest and the largest inventory programs bringing huge benefits to our customers.

individually bagged dumpster linersGlobal-Pak Inc. is a supplier of roll off liners and we offer stocking and warehousing programs for our customers to fit your needs. We offer rolled and folded liners, which come in common sizes of 3 mil and 5 mil. We provide warehousing for all of our liners, offering a stocking plan available with a 1-2 day ship point to most of the Eastern United States. Global-Pak prides itself on our unmatched customer service, we look forward to discussing your specific needs and making a plan that works for you.

We have the following liners in stock at our facilities:

Rolled Liners
  • 3 mil - individually packaged (150/box)
Accordion Folded Roll-Off Liners
  • 3 mil - individually packaged (120/box)
  • 5 mil - individually packaged (100/box)
Accordion Folded Dump Liners
  • 3 Mil - individually packaged (75/box)
  • 5 Mil - individually packaged (50/box)
  • 6 Mil - individually packaged (50/box)

We review all of our customers roll off liners usage and develop a warehousing plan to keep them supplied with liners, without building up extra inventory. Our inventory management program gives customers the confidence that they will receive their inventory promptly and efficiently.

Contact one of our bulk packaging experts to get a personalized inventory management plan.

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