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A sand bag is simply another term for a small woven polypropylene bag.  These bags are used in many applications and often filled with sand or soil. The weight and dimensions of a filled sand bag can allow for the construction of an interlocked wall, almost like brickwork.  We have both small polypropylene woven bags and bulk bags available in stock for various applications such as:
  • Flood Control
  • Erosion Control
  • Pipelines
  • Oil Field Drilling
  • Military Fortification
  • Construction Sites
Bags are available with and without UV inhibitor. Often times UV inhibitor is not needed if the bags will only be used temporarily or if they are eventually buried,  as is the case when used for pipeline. Sandbags are often times used during emergencies when rivers threaten to overflow and flood, or a levee is damaged.

If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can produce it for you at no  additional cost. Global-Pak has the ability to ship sand bags immediately from our warehouses, filling large orders and needs in a very timely manner. We offer many stocked sized bags and we can provide an inventory warehouse program that best fits your needs. We can also customize sizes which are available with or without ties. Whatever your needs, let Global-Pak provide your sandbag solution.

Customer Testimonial:

“After major storm damage in 2014, we faced an emergency and needed FIBC bags quickly. The folks at Global-Pak not only answered all of our questions, they had bags shipped next day, and were a huge help to us protecting our shoreline property on Lake Superior. We've been with Global-Pak ever since and continue to receive first-rate service, guiding us toward long-term, optimized solutions. I recommend them 100% with no hesitation whatsoever.”

Matthew Monte
Houghton, MI

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