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About Us

We have over 25 years of industry experience in bulk packaging and pride ourselves on our superior customer service and high quality products.

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Our Products

35" X 35" X 20" Duffel Top,
Flat Bottom

U-Panel Type A Bulk Bag
2200 lbs. SWL
5:1 Safety FactorCoated Material
Sift Proof Seams

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3 Mil Dump Trailer Liner

Fits up to 44' x 8' x 6'
Accordion Folded

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Polywoven Bag 20" X 32"

White Coated Fabric
50 lbs.

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Customized Packaging Supplies

We work with you to develop the best
packaging solutions for your individual needs.

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Quality You Can Trust

We guarantee you receive
excellence with every order and stand
behind our products.


We are one of the largest bulk bag suppliers
in the country, which gives us buying power
over our competition and preferred pricing.


We have worldwide manufacturing,
logistics, warehousing, and inventory
management programs.


Our Green Initiative

Being eco-friendly is important to us.
Global-Pak and our partners are working to
improve FIBC recycling and enhance our planets future.

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Blog Posts

Where to Buy Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags should be purchased from a reliable team with experience in bulk packaging. Purchasing from a reputable vendor, especially one with in-house testing, can help ensure your bulk bags are high quality and safe. Ideally, you want a vendor with buying power as well, to improve pricing, but with strong customer service to answer your questions and solve problems quickly.

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How to Use Bulk Bag Repair Tape

Repairing a slight tear in a bulk bag is simple if you have bulk bag repair tape. It should be used for minor cuts or holes, not for seams or severe damage.

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How To Read a UN Number for Packaging

The above is an example of what you should see on either bag tag or printed on the bag itself. The sizing of the print should always be a minimum measurement of 3.9 inches or 100mm in length. Letters and Numerals must be at least 12mm tall, and have the UN Number printed on 2 panels or 2 labels on two opposite sides of the bag. The stacking symbol must be displayed with stack test load marked above it. A Stack Graphic/Symbol must be at a minimum of 100mm x 100mm.

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Testing BOPP Bags

Many tests are involved with BOPP bags, the most common of which are drop, peel strength, and coefficient of friction (COF) tests. Some of these tests are simple, while others require specified machines dedicated to what standards need to be followed. All testing is important, and some customers have tighter tolerances require precise evaluations.

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Global-Pak is proud to offer US bulk bag
manufacturing at our facility in Lisbon, OH.

Our in-house production team is capable of manufacturing and designing FIBCs
in various builds and designs, including baffled bags and Crohmiq Type D fabric.
Our domestic bulk bag manufacturing offers shorter lead times and is a great
option for customers who need quick shipping. To learn more about our US FIBC manufacturing, please watch our video.

If you're looking for a domestic supplier and a supply chain partner that can
handle all your needs or are in a situation where bags are needed quickly,
reach out to our team. We can get you a same day quote for our
domestic bags, designed to your specifications.

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