UN Testing Bulk Bags

Global-Pak has in house UN Testing for FIBCs at our Lisbon, Ohio headquarters, so we are able to test UN Bags we manufacture at and spot test any imported bags. We invested in the necessary UN Testing equipment to perform each test correctly and ensure all UN Bulk Bags meet the safety requirements.
Our team can test all UN Rated bulk bags at on our testing equipment and we are able to spot test bags for our customers or check if issues arise with a UN Bag. To see our testing capabilities in action, click play on the below video:

UN Testing Critera

To be considered a UN Rated FIBC, a bulk bag must pass each of the following criteria without breaking or losing contents:

  • Top Lift Test: meet the required Safe Working Load and pass with a 6:1 Safety Factor
  • Stack Test: must hold 1.8 x mass required weight for 24 hours and is required for all FIBCs designed to be stacked
  • Drop Test: FIBC is dropped onto the most vulnerable part of it's base
  • Topple Test: closed bag is toppled onto any part of the top
  • Righting Test: toppled bag is lifted to upright position
  • Tear Test: 100mm cut is made with a knife across the wall of the bag