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Bulk Bag Capacity Calculator & Design Tools

Bulk Bag Capacity Calculator

The FIBC Design Guide assists users and buyers source a bulk bag and spec a bulk package for the first time. It's helpful if you need to know what size bag you need, how many cubic yards in a bulk bag, and how much weight to use for your product. This guide was assembled by FIBCA professionals, and identifies critical questions to help determine what FIBC will fit best in your applications. Answering these questions won't automatically generate a spec, but it will assist our team in designing the appropriate package for your unique needs. 



Capacity Calculator

Bulk Bag Capacity Calculator

This calculator can provide guidance on sizing standard bulk bags. Contact us for baffle bag calculations and expert FIBC design advice.

Step 1: Determine your product volume


(Desired total package weight)
* Caution: exceeds max recommended weight limit


Find Bulk Densities for Common Products
* Caution: only whole numbers accepted

Step 2: Determine your FIBC dimensions

Design Your FIBC

Standard bulk bags have a 35" x 35" base, with up to 96" height. We can custom design almost any size, within functional limits*. Factors such as pallet size can help you choose your base dimensions; then, increase height for greater capacity.

* Caution: exceeds max recommended weight limit

Please note:

* Different bag designs have different maximum weight capacities and safe maximum dimensions. Limits on bag capacity and dimensions are determined by safety, functionality, and usability by the customer. Please call us to discuss the best bag design option for your needs: 1-888-225-9828

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