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Polypropylene woven air bags are an economical, environmentally friendly, and high-performance product used to secure cargo and ensure protection during transport. Compared to their paper counterpart that has been available on the market for many years, pp woven air bags are waterproof, much stronger and lighter. Polypropylene airbags have a higher quantity per box, reducing your storage space requirements and decreasing the cost of freight. 

Global-Pak is a supplier of polypropylene woven air bags. There are standard stock sizes available for immediate shipment, but we also provide custom sizes and solutions. Our team can help you determine which air bag is right for your application before making a purchase.

There are several levels of air bag production that offer increased protection based on the weight of cargo and mode of transport. 


Level 1 is by far the most commonly used level in the United States. Level 1 air bags offer protection in lateral voids for a load up to 44,000 lbs. This covers 99%+ of all road and intermodal shipments in the US.

If your load weight exceeds 44,000lbs, is being transported via rail, or you are looking for something that would offer protection in lengthwise voids, we recommend considering a level 2 or above air bag. If used regularly, please speak with your Global-Pak sales rep about developing a stocking arrangement that makes sense for you.

Global-Pak stocks the below sizes of Level 1 air bags that can be delivered within 2-3 days to most locations in the US:

Next, there is the issue of deciding which type of filling tool to use. In addition to the more economical basic filling tools, we offer upgraded options such as tools with digital gauges, or with a quick connect adaptor.


We also offer a battery powered option which does not require the use of an air hose (see below).


Portable Air Master (P.A.M.)

18V rechargeable blower Inflator with proprietary hose and quick connect adaptor


Although Global-Pak’s air bags are priced as a disposable product, they are reusable and 100% recyclable. Reusability allows for our air bags to secure your cargo from the manufacturing facility to its final destination and back to its origin! 

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