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Gaylord boxes are large, cardboard boxes used for packing and transporting bulk products. They have thick, rigid walls and can hold a wide variety of goods. Over the years, have been replacing the gaylords in many industries and applications because of their ease of use, quality, and availability.

Bulk bags are more flexible, but ideal for any bulk flowable powder, and other granule products. When comparing bulk bags to gaylords as a packaging product, the bulk bag can be picked up on a pallet or by the 4 corner lift loops, or stevedore straps. They can also be discharged in several ways. Gaylords are limited to being picked up by the base with a pallet in most circumstances.

In addition to the application, bulk bags are much easier and more efficient to store in any facility. Gaylords take up a lot of space, especially when opened. 1 pallet may hold 60 gaylord boxes in storage, unopened. A pallet of bulk bags can hold anywhere from 100 to 300, depending on the size of the bag. Bulk bags can be easily stacked on each other when full as well, making them the most efficient use of space for bulk products. 

In the last year, the supply of gaylord boxes has decreased due to COVID and the consistent supply chain issues that have occurred. There has been a major shortage of paper for all products, which includes the kraft paper that goes into making corrugate. The shortages have increased the lead time as well for the large gaylord boxes, along with the price. One corrugate gaylord can cost anywhere from $25-$40. 

On the other hand, bulk bags are made from polypropylene, which is a byproduct of petroleum refining, so it is typically readily available. It does fluctuate price based on the cost of resin, but depending on your specific bag, can range anywhere from $6 up to $25+, but that is for more high-end bags (food grade, UN Bags, Type D Bags.) In addition to being more cost and space efficient, bulk bags are more accessible in both imported and domestic markets and have more consistent lead times. We’re also able to make FIBCs at our Lisbon, OH location now – which allows for custom bags at even shorter lead times.

If you have any questions on the differences between gaylords and bulk bags, please reach out to our team at Global-Pak. We’d be happy to help evaluate which bulk bag may be best suited for your application.