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Emerald Bags are Global-Pak’s “green” FIBC alternative for environmentally concerned customers. Emerald bulk bags are designed to reduce landfill waste by at least 20% by using less materials to packaging and ship product, which means for every five bags used, one is saved from the landfill. These green bulk bags are made of 100% polypropylene, which means they are fully recyclable if you have a recycling program in place. 

The Emerald Bag is characterized by its green vertical stripes on the fabric, making them easy to identify in your applications. The bags can be customized to fit the specifications for any

 customer. These are best in applications where the bulk bags are used and stored in controlled environments, and ideal for light granular or powdered products.

Global-Pak’s Emerald bags have a 3:1 Safety Factor, to help reduce the amount of packaging material in each bag. Safety Factor is an industry recommendation for how much more weight an FIBC can handle above it’s safe working load. As a 3:1 Safety Factor bag, Emerald Bulk Bags are certified for 3x the weight of the Safe Working Load of the bag. (EX: 1,000 lbs SWL = 3,000 lbs for a 3:1 SF.) For more information on Safe Working Load, refer to the FIBCA safe handling brochure here:  

Since these are a lighter fabric, these bulk bags cannot be used in applications where the bags are stored outside or lifted overhead. These bags must not be used with materials that are sharp, jagged, rough or denser than 80 lbs/cubic foot. 

Currently, our minimum order quantity on the Emerald Bag is 1,000 bags. To see if our Emerald Bag is right for your applications, get in touch with your sales rep or request a quote today.