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Global-Pak’s company culture consists of shared beliefs and values established by upper management and communicated clearly to each employee. We have a culture that shapes employee’s values, mindsets, and actions to create a strong team. Mentoring and sharing knowledge throughout the different departments in the company occurs constantly. Global-Pak has experts in various areas from product knowledge, customer relations, warehousing, and shipping. Open lines of communication between employees propel our teams in the right direction. 


Accuracy, efficiency, and focus on customer service are key values that each Global-Pak employee is trained to understand from their first day on the job. How this is accomplished in each area of the company is different, but the goal remains the same: Focus on the customer and their best interest. During my time at Global-Pak, continuous training and education have been abundant. We are provided with plenty of resources not only in paper form but in product demonstrations and cross training sessions throughout the year. 


I recently changed positions in the company, shifting from shipping/receiving to our purchasing department. My role has changed, but the end goal of striving to do the right thing every day has not.  In this new position, I considered what would make me a more valuable asset and I intend to focus on setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.) As a general idea, some of my goals are:

  • Attaining a leadership role and work well on a team
  • Learn how other departments function to improve company relations as a whole

Taking the time to create career goals for myself that are influenced by Global-Pak’s company culture has really helped me grow, and in turn helps me contribute to the success of the company. Global-Pak values reliable and motivated employees. As someone who has been with Global-Pak for four years, I recommend it for anyone who looking to be successful and find a long-term fit.