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As a sales company, we often give our customers a litany of reasons for why they should use Global-Pak as their supplier. This time, we want to flip that and share our why. Why are we even in this business? At the core, our main purpose goes beyond just selling bulk bags and packaging; we want to create a positive impact in every area we touch. We passionately believe that if we look after our employees, our customers, our vendors, and our community, then success and profits will naturally follow.  

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality to our customers. This commitment is shown through our continuous efforts in testing our products and auditing our vendors to make sure everything is up to our high standards. We always aim to do more than just meet customer expectations; we strive to exceed them. 

We are an American company that is family owned and operated. Moreover, we take pride in the jobs we create and the lives we impact positively through the success of our company. This creates a circle of growth and support that benefits everyone involved, from our team members to our partners and the larger community.  

By focusing on these core beliefs, we ensure that our company not only grows but also enriches the lives of those connected to us. 

We would encourage you as a consumer to know who you are buying bulk bags from and their why. At Global-Pak we will not shy away from the fact that we are a major importer of bags, and we are happy that our business can help supply people internationally with jobs and better lives. We also know the industry is changing, and we have foreign entities from Saudi Arabia and other countries purchasing American packaging corporations, and large venture capital companies trying to consolidate and reduce competition the U.S. (United States) market. Often our customers do not realize that they are buying from businesses that are entirely foreign owned, and sometimes from countries that may not be aligned with their beliefs. We also realize there is a huge venture capital push to consolidate the packaging industry down to a few corporate suppliers, who unfortunately tend to put profits ahead of people.  

Global-Pak always puts our employees and customers above profits. We do not answer to shareholders, but we do make decisions for the good of the people who work on our team and choose to be our partners. We love to give back to the local community through monetary donations and volunteering. We also maintain a small American manufacturing facility in Ohio, not as a profit center, but to take care of customer needs and create local jobs. By putting what is right at the forefront of our motivation, we have been able to grow into one of the leading suppliers of bulk bags in the U.S. market. We hope this message resonates with you, so you understand us and our business a little better. We try to do our best every day, and in turn will do our best by you, our customer.