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Global-Pak is very proud of our manufacturing facility at our Lisbon, OH headquarters. To complement our imported capabilities, we re-established our U.S. production facility in 2020 and have found a niche with high level production of technically challenging FIBCs. Our team is well equipped to do any custom, high end, or complex bags, such as the following:

Type D Chromiq Bulk Bags

These are static dissipative bags that do not need to be grounded. They self-dissipate electrical charges that can be created during filling and discharging of products that could lead to potential ignition of combustible dust or gases.

Type C Conductive Bulk Bags

These are our newest addition to the product line and have conductive tapes throughout the fabric and lift loops. When properly grounded through the carbon tapes, electrical charges can be grounded via clips and appropriately grounded equipment to prevent static charges from igniting combustible dust or gases.

Foil Lined Bulk Bags

Our partnership with 3D Barrier Films out of Orlando, FL, allowed us to become proficient in foil lined bulk bags. Foil liners offer a barrier of protection against transmission of atmospheric gasses from the outside environment and prevent contamination from reaching the product sealed in the liner or to seal in certain gasses to enhance product shelf life and or spoilage of the contents.

Traditional Lined Bulk Bags

By stocking many common size liners, including some form fit liners, Global-Pak can produce tabbed in liner bags that can prevent sifting, help to maintain moisture content of products, and help to preserve content of the FIBC depending on the customer need.

UN Rated Bulk Bags

We have reduced the long lead times that come with getting UN Rated bulk bags tested and certified by employing our own in-house testing equipment and having the ability to self-certify. Our team can build and trial the UN Bags quickly, allowing a flexibility you won’t have with imported bags. With our rigorous testing criteria, our customers can have peace of mind knowing the bags tested at Global-Pak will pass a UN Test and was not rubber stamped to provide a certificate.

Many of our customers find our ability to manufacture unique bags while bridging the gap in import lead times to be a valuable tool to their supply chain. Global-Pak fills the critical need for a faster solution to what can be a potentially big problem: getting your product to customers on time, in the right packaging. Our ability to deliver what you need, when you need it, is part of what makes us the best partner for keeping your operations running seamlessly.

For more information on our U.S. Manufacturing or to schedule a tour, contact your sales rep or contact us at the email and phone number below.