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In today’s world, consumers have gotten used to instantly receiving a product or service without having to wait. You can order something from Amazon, and have it delivered the next day, or order lunch from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered within an hour – and you never have to leave your couch. There are very few industries that still need to plan their inventory for months in advance. Industrial packaging (and FIBC’S in particular) is one of those industries.


Most of our FIBC’S we provide to our customers are ordered from overseas. When planning for these orders, many factors need to be accounted for. Years ago, Global-Pak considered more predictable events such as local holidays and weather patterns that may create delays. For example, we knew that India has a rainy season from June to September, which would cause challenges. Once Covid started to create disruption, we started tracking the virus and tried to stay on top of new issues being presented. This year, we were also affected by the vast array of shipping concerns seen around the world. Container shortages and soaring ocean freight prices were new obstacles to overcome, and we’ve been managing these circumstances successfully.  


Having an open line of communication and building strong relationships with our partners across the world are important factors to staying ahead of any issues. As part of our plan to help better service our customers, we receive constant updates from our suppliers on their current situation, so we can better manage our inventory and keep product coming into our facility. Our stock bags are closely reviewed to ensure we have adequate levels and options for both current customers and new customers who may need something in a pinch.


Our focus at Global-Pak is the customer and we want to ensure that we have the products available when they are needed. In a world where everything seems to be instant, we are making the best effort to procure items quickly and efficiently. If you are seeing issues with your supply chain and have questions on how to best manage lead times, reach out to us.