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If you are transporting or storing materials that are hazardous, then you will need to use a UN rated FIBC. Like other UN rated packaging, bulk bags are designed specifically for the hazardous material that you are working with. There are different requirements and design options dependent on the product and application. Some examples of situations where you would use a UN rated bulk bag would be where there is risk of environmental damage, fire, explosion, or chemical contamination. The bags have strict testing requirements that must meet the UN standard, so the bags are typically produced to be more durable than your standard FIBC. They will have added strength and, additional sift proofing/leak protection when applicable.

Global-Pak is approved to do UN testing in-house at our headquarters in Lisbon, OH. This is very beneficial because we can oversee the full process of testing. We can test and certify all of our UN rated FIBCs and we no longer have to send our bags out to a 3rd party test facility. Since we have taken over the testing, we have found there are a lot of variables when sending the bags out to a 3rd party test house. It is an advantage for us and our customers that we have complete control over the testing here at Global-Pak to reduce the variations and standardize the testing requirements. The UN Testing Requirements include top lift testing, topple test, tear test, righting, drop test, and stack test. If you are interested in learning more about our UN certification process and you need a UN rated FIBC for your products, please reach out to your sales rep.

Below are the descriptions of the codes used for UN ratings. Your Global-Pak sales representative can assist if you need help determining what packing group and code needed for your UN Rated FIBC.

1-Code for type of FIBC:

  • 13H1- Uncoated FIBC with no liner
  • 13H2- Coated FIBC with no liner
  • 13H3- Uncoated FIBC with liner
  • 13H4- Coated FIBC with liner

2-Letter designating the Packing Group for which design has been approved:

  • X- Covers Packing group I, II, and III
  • Y- Covers Packing group II and III
  • Z- Covers Packing group III