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Quality products and great customer service are two of the foundations of Global-Pak. Each product is thoroughly inspected upon arrival at our warehouse to make sure it meets our rigorous quality standards. As part of our purchasing team, one of our goals is to ensure that the vendors we source our products from have the same quality standards as we do. 

It is important for us to build strong relationships with our vendors so that they understand the importance of quality and customer service to Global-Pak. Our vendors are audited quarterly based on several requirements: 

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Lead Time
  • Customer Service
  • Production Capabilities
  • Ability of the sales and customer service team to solve the packaging needs we have

How do we build a vendor relationship?

When building vendor relationships, we like to visit the plant to get a hands-on feel of how the facility operates, working conditions of the plant, quality controls, quality certifications, and capabilities. We found that plant visits help us better understand a company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as discover additional product lines that we can educate ourselves on and provide solutions when asked by members of our team. Global-Pak Sales and Customer Service teams rely on the Purchasing Department to be very educated on the products they source, and with the help of quality vendors, we can turn around requests to our team as soon as possible.

Sample approval is a very important step when we agree to work with a new vendor or product line. Not only are the samples reviewed and approved by our Purchasing/Sales/Quality team, but we also send these samples to our customers for their feedback. We work to make sure the sample is just right before proceeding with any orders. Customer needs vary in size, and to meet our customer needs, we have vendors that range from locally owned companies to those who operate internationally. Variety in size, location, and capability of our vendors help us to build a diverse portfolio of suppliers to quote the leads that come through. Some of our vendors have the capability to produce many of the products we sell. With these vendors, we can negotiate prices and discuss forecasts for the year to make the most out of our relationship. 

We truly value our vendor relationships and are thankful to have vendors who take pride in their products and customer service as much as we do. 

What are the benefits of having quality vendors?

Selecting vendors with a focus on quality is important for businesses as it can minimize risks, ensure consistent product or service delivery, and contribute to customer satisfaction. Conducting thorough due diligence, assessing vendor capabilities, and evaluating their quality management practices can help in identifying vendors that prioritize and deliver high-quality products and services. 

Additionally, focusing on vendor quality standards can lead to long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and shared values. 

A strong vendor network that aligns with your quality requirements can result in reliable and consistent supply, better communication, and enhanced collaboration on future projects or product development initiatives. If you want to have more information please visit our to learn more!