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You may have seen AD*Star bags on our website, or perhaps you are familiar with them from working in an industrial setting. If so then you might be wondering what they are and/or what the benefits are?  


AD*Star is a name patented by the Starlinger Company. Starlinger is highly regarded as the premier manufacturer of PP extrusion equipment, weaving looms, coating machines, bag converters, and printers in the world. In fact, the vast majority of FIBC’s (bulk bags) and polypropylene woven sacks used in the world today are produced with fabric made on a Starlinger loom! 


AD*Star bag refers to a woven polypropylene small packaging bag that is filled using a valve. They are also commonly referred to as block bottom valve bags or PP woven valve bags. They function identically to a multi-wall paper valve bag; however, only one layer of material is used, and no adhesives are required to seal the bag. AD*Star bags can also be produced with paper or PE layers if required. It is important to note while there are a few substitutes out there, AD*Star bags are widely regarded as the superior pp woven valve bag available on the market. 


AD*Star bags can be printed using standard ink and press style printing or be outfitted with BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene) coating for picture quality printing. Here are some examples of printed bags:




While AD*Star bags have been around for a while, they are only recently picking up traction in the United States due to lack of exposure to the product. At Global-Pak, we saw an opportunity to provide many of our industrial customers with a small packaging bag that simply outperforms a paper or polyethylene bag in almost every aspect, while also reducing their packaging and freight costs. We are now seeing AD*Star bags used in the seed & grain, fertilizer, fine chemicals, resins, petrochemicals, foods and spices, cement, and animal feed industries!


To summarize, here are the benefits associated with utilizing AD* Star bags: 

  • AD* Star bags are much stronger than either paper or polyethylene film because they are made with woven polypropylene
  • Typically, AD* Star bags are 15-20% less expensive than paper bags or PE bags (this difference can be even larger when the paper or PE bag you are comparing to is a higher end or UN rated bag)
  • AD* star bags are made with a single layer of fabric, so we can pack more empty bags on a pallet to maximize space utilization in transit, reducing freight cost, and save space in your warehouse 
  • Most paper or PE valve bags are interchangeable with AD* Star bags
  • White is the standard color, so there is no additional charge for a white AD*Star bag, which is usually not the case with paper or PE film 
  • Beige/Brown fabric is available if you are looking for consistency switching from paper to AD* Star bags
  • The fabric can be made in any color, whereas paper can only be made in natural (brown) or bleached (white)
  • 4 color printing or BOPP printing is available on all bags
  • Woven polypropylene is recyclable and reduces environmental impact due to de-forestation
  • Micro-perforation can be adjusted to allow for the appropriate breathability


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Global-Pak sales or customer service representative or call us at (330) 482-1993. We would love to hear from you.