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Industrial Clean Bags

Industrial Clean bags are contamination free bags for non-food products

  • Made in an industrial environment but bags follow same cleaning process as food/pharma grade production:
    • 100% metal detection
    • Lighted table inspection
    • Air washing
    • Heat or ultrasonic cut all fabric
    • Hot melt any loose materials
  • Ideal for non-food and pharmaceutical products where loose threads, hairs, fibers, dirt, etc. can be an issue

Contact us for a quote or to receive more information on our cleanroom bags.

If you have the following bag specs available, please add them to your quote request:
  • Bulk Bag Size: L x W x H
  • Top & Bottom Build
  • Weight Capacity (SWL)
  • Coating
  • Sift Proofing in Seams
  • Lift Loop Types
  • Liner Requirements
  • Printing
  • Document Pouch
  • Quantity & Lead Time


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