Type B Bulk Bags

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Type B Bulk Bags

Type B bulk bags are constructed from insulating fabric with a low breakdown voltage. These bags prevent propagating brush discharges and safely transport dry, flammable powders with an MIE of >3mj.

Type B bulk bags are completely customizable. Please contact us to find a unique solution for you, or to request pricing.

If you have the following bag specs available, please add them to your quote request:
  • Bulk Bag Size: L x W x H
  • Top & Bottom Build
  • Weight Capacity (SWL)
  • Coating
  • Sift Proofing in Seams
  • Lift Loop Types
  • Liner Requirements
  • Printing
  • Document Pouch
  • Quantity & Lead Time


Best Uses for this Bag

  • Transportation of dry, flammable powders.
  • In environments where flammable solvents or gases are not present near the bulk bag.
  • For use in environments with dust ignition energies <3mJ

Not Recommended for the Following

In environments where flammable solvents or gases are near the bag.
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