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Global-Pak Woven Polypropylene Bags

Woven Polypropylene Bags

Global-Pak stocks a wide variety of sizes in woven polypropylene bags.  These bags are excellent for packaging and shipping dry goods because of their superior strength and puncture resistance due to their woven construction.  Woven Polypropylene bags come in laminated and non-laminated versions, and Global-Pak can custom print your woven polypropylene bags.  Global-Pak woven polypropylene bags can be sewn or tied shut. Woven Polypropylene bags are used to package a wide variety of products including sand, fertilizers, ceramics, animal feeds, and seeds.  Some additional benefits to using a woven polypropylene bag include: 
  • The polypropylene tapes used in the construction of these bags are much stronger than regular PE plastic
  • Bags are weather resistant and do not degrade when wet
  • Very easily marketable and can be printed up to 6 colors
  • Naturally resistant to tearing, even with rough handling
  • Can easily be re-used over and over again
  • Woven polypropylene bags are a stronger option over multi-wall paper bags
  • Bags are available with valves, as pictured
Woven Polypropylene Bags

Other possible features of Global-Pak small poly woven bags include UV protection, EZ Open top, anti-slip coating, and colored fabrics to name a few.  Also ask your sales representative about replacing your multi-wall paper bags with our woven polypropylene valve bags as they offer the same easy filling, but are more durable, stronger and tear resistant. 

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