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Ventilated Totes or Agriculture Bags are FIBCs manufactured with special stripes of 10mm to 22mm wide weaved fabric that allow for more air flow to move through the product. The ventilation allows for breathability to help eliminate the risk of moisture and rot ruining fresh produce. These ventilation gaps are locked tight (referred to as Leno Locks) on the weaved polypropylene fabric, which makes them strong enough to hold the bulk product during movement and transport. Ventilated Totes are used for many agricultural products like fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes and onions. (They are frequently called “Potato Bags” or “Onion Bags” within the industry!) The ventilated bags can even be used in ocean agriculture, such as mussel farming.

Choosing the right ventilated tote is important because the bag needs to fit the amount of product you require, and hold the weight, but be the appropriate size for transport when loaded in a truck or trailer. The amount of ventilation is also important – using a 4-sided ventilated fabric can allow for additional air flow compared to only 2 sides having ventilated fabric. Depending on spacing and bag size, a bag can be customized to have 7 to 29 vents.

You may wonder if the ventilated fabric can cause issues if you want a printed bag, but it will not. Global-Pak can clearly print on ventilated fabric to allow for customer branding, distinguishing markers for the product inside, or anything required by our partners!

If a food grade ventilated bag is needed for your application, you want to be certain you partner with a company who can provide an SQF certification, and the bags are being manufactured in a clean room facility.

For more information on Ventilated Totes, contact us today and we would be happy to find the best bag for you!