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Bulk bags can vary in cost like any other custom products. Some smaller, lighter bags can be anywhere from $5-6 per bag, but as the bags get larger or require more components (specialty liners, sift proofing, static dissipative or color fabric, artwork, etc.) they can get upwards of $100 per bag. More complex bags typically cost more due to the additional pieces and labor involved in putting them together. It’s similar to buying a car, if you want the standard model, it’s cheaper and should work well, but as you add more bells and whistles, the price goes up.

What goes into the cost of a bulk bag?

Materials – Bulk Bags are made of woven polypropylene and the cost is based off the resin market. It makes up about 50% of the cost of the bag. This fluctuates as oil costs fluctuate, and we monitor it via PLATTS on a weekly basis. Due to the fluctuations, prices on bulk bags can vary in a more tumultuous market, such as during war or a pandemic. The design of a bulk bag can also range from simple (a standard bag) to more complex, and the cost will increase as components increase both due to the cost of the parts and putting them together.

Labor – Labor is another key factor in the cost, as each bag is handmade. If a design is more complex and requires additional sewing or attention to detail, it will increase the price. The bags also require testing to ensure safety and quality.

Shipping – Shipping costs for any bags arriving from overseas or even traveling from a supplier to the customer need to be included. We can offer delivered pricing or Freight On Board (FOB) from our facilities.

Warehousing (when applicable) – If you are warehousing or storing bags, there is typically a cost to keep them on the floor. At Global-Pak, we usually can warehouse product for free for up to 90 days from the order arriving. We offer many stock and release solutions for our customers when needed. 

Are there price breaks on bulk bags?

Yes! Global-Pak offers quantity price breaks. You can order stock bags from us in quantities of 1 to full pallets (which vary but are usually 135 bags – 225 bags per pallet.) We have price breaks based on how many you order, and each stock bag has pricing breakdowns based on quantity.

We also offer price breaks on custom bulk bags. When ordering custom bags at Global-Pak, we require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 2 full pallets per design, which helps reduce labor costs involved and allows us to better build 40’ shipping containers. We offer price breaks up to full containers, which are 44-48 pallets typically. We can give you best pricing on direct container quantities, delivered right to your facility.

We can also offer contract pricing where needed. This is typically for higher volume customers and based off industry standard pricing such as PLATTS. If you have any questions on bulk bag pricing and what bulk bags cost, please reach out to us! We are happy to be transparent on our pricing and answer any questions you may have.