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Bulk bags should be purchased from a reliable team with experience in bulk packaging. Purchasing from a reputable vendor, especially one with in-house testing, can help ensure your bulk bags are high quality and safe. Ideally, you want a vendor with buying power as well, to improve pricing, but with strong customer service to answer your questions and solve problems quickly. 

There are many companies that sell FIBCs, and the product itself is a commodity. Comparing bulk bags between two vendors, they realistically should not look any different. If they are built well, they should perform similarly too. All products being apples to apples, the biggest difference in selecting a bag vendor is the expertise and support you receive from the company. 

You should be purchasing from a vendor who has experience in FIBCs because they can efficiently build a bag that fits your specific application. This means not adding unnecessary bells and whistles that increase the price, but finding solutions that are smart and effective, and being competitive with the total cost of the bag. They can also quickly find solutions to problems that may occur with a spec or design and have systems in place to prevent it from happening again.

Choosing the Best Bulk Bag Vendor

An experienced bulk bag vendor also knows how to properly test bags, to ensure they are safe and will hold up to the weight being put in them. This is especially important, because bulk bags are heavy and could be fatal if they fall on someone. You want to be sure to work with someone you trust, who can help calculate Safe Working Load, and determine if any additional requirements are needed for your products, such as a heavier duty bag or UN Rated bag. 

Buying bulk bags from someone who has a larger footprint allows for better buying power, meaning you can get better pricing per bag or save some costs on freight. At the same time, you want to work with someone who treats you well, listens to your problems, and has the flexibility you find in a smaller business. 

If you have any questions when looking for a bulk bag supplier, . We would be happy to assist in giving you an honest assessment of the products you are looking to purchase. We can also offer free samples to compare and a facility tour at our Lisbon, Ohio, headquarters.