• UN Approved Bulk Bag | UN Certified Bulk Bags

UN Rated Bulk Bag

UN approved bulk bags are used to load and transport hazardous materials and are regulated by USDOT.

UN Certified Bulk Bags require special testing to meet UN Safety Standards.

All UN Rated Bulk Bags / FIBCs must pass the following tests:
Top Lift Test for 6:1 SF (or higher), Drop Test, Topple Test, Righting Test, Stack Test, Tear Test.

Global-Pak's UN Rated bulk bags are completely customizable. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements or to request pricing.


Best Uses for this Bag

  • When using hazardous materials that require UN Rated Bags.

Not Recommended for the Following

  • For applications that do not require UN Rated Bags or do not need to meet UN Packaging Standards.